Optimizing the Customer Experience for a Strong Brand Impression

In recent years,  there have a number of new convenience store formats, such as the 7-Eleven, which combines different industries such as Books.com.tw and DOMINO'S PIZZA, or the FamilyMart, which cooperates with Tanhou and Great Tree Pharmacy. As you can see, the competition among convenience stores has evolved from "market share" to "pocket share," and this is closely related to "customer experience.


Customer experience is the key to success 

According to the 2018 Consumer Shopping Behavior Study by global market research firm Nielsen, in addition to the convenience of visiting, the speed of new product launches, and promotions, "providing an enjoyable shopping experience" is the fourth most important motivator for consumers to visit convenience stores. It indicates the importance of "customer experience" to consumers. 

Therefore, convenience stores create different reasons for consumers to come to the store through the composite business strategy to increase the frequency of visits and spending, so that consumers' food, clothing, housing, transportation, and entertainment can be satisfied in convenience stores. In this trend, Hi-Life is also actively looking for opportunities to upgrade the functionality of physical stores.

Kono@ - a powerful tool to optimize the customer experience

During the COVID-19 epidemic, people change the habits of entertainment. They spend more time on audio-visual, digital reading content platforms, and the e-reading trend followed. With the lifting of the epidemic, the momentum of offline consumption is gradually picking up. In order to enhance customer consumption experience, Hi-Life corporates with Kono@ to bring consumers a good e-reading experience. It could help Hi-Life build a brand image in which customers can find their own reading place in Hi-Life.

Kono@ provides more than 180 best-selling magazines from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Europe, and the United States, and supports mobile phones, tablets to meet the needs of different users. In addition, the operation process is simple: just scan the QR code of the store, download the Kono@ App, and without registering, you can get the reading privilege through GPS location. In addition, if you come back the next day, you can enjoy the reading service again. 

▲ Kono@ 提供萊爾富的實體店面的顧客每日90分鐘免費看雜誌

Kono@ provides a wide range of magazines and publications to satisfy consumers' e-reading needs, helping Hi-Life to create the brand image of "City Reading Corner". In addition to enhancing the store's customer experience, through the back to the store reading mechanism also provides consumers with reasons to come to the store, which has a positive impact on the number of visits.

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